Project Spiral (teaser) ⁠—

A visual journey through the mind.

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About the Spiral –

"How can I visualize the creation of ideas?". A question that captivated me for the last few months. The visual interpretation of this quest I labeled; "Project Spiral".

Project Spiral is my personal quest to craft an abstract short film about the creation of thoughts and ideas. Living in this abstract world, my aim is to create a visual experience that can mean different things to different people.

To translate these visuals into a more immersive experience, I joined forces with the almighty people from Antfood who elevated this project into a new realm, building a landscape of abstract modular synths, vocal samples & other wizardry.

Buckle up and enjoy the visual journey through the mind.

  • Client
  • Release date
    Early 2020
  • Sound
  • Role
    Concept, design & animation