Proud Peacock —

As proud as a peacock


Proud As —

Chin up, puff your chest & stay humble.

Proud as a peacock to present my recent collaboration with the talented Manon Sailly. While I took care of the design, she made this little boy come to life in all his 3D glory.

  • Client
  • 3D Collaboration
    Manon Sailly
  • Role
    Design & Concept

Let's make some progress —

Finding the right pose was the trickiest part of the project. We wanted to pose him rather confident in the center of the frame while keeping him humble and friendly. Once that was in place, we let the extravagant amount of colours in the tail steal the show.

As the tail feathers got repeated, we quickly realised that small details like fine lines and patterns got amplified pretty quickly, resulting in a cluttered composition. The solution, we found, was to settle for blobs of colour rather than patterns to create an interesting design for the tail. For the tail, we found the radial composition working best as all the wings in the tail get repeated across the composition.


As proud as a peacock.


Draw me like one of your French Peacocks —

Before jumping into Illustrator, we enjoyed sketching out some of our ideas to explore shape and composition. As early as this first fase, collaboration was a big advantage here, as we could doodle around more ideas before deciding on one.

Boiling down the characteristics of a real peacock, we found that the graceful neck and the shape of the beak were the most characteristic elements.