Buck Braille Day ⁠—

Visual extravaganza for blind peeps.

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International Braille Day —

Yes, I know.. I kinda, possibly, high likely only may have realised this when I was wrapping up the project for Buck's Instagram.

To keep the creative juices flowing in-between projects, I initiated a post for Buck's Instagram. The only thing that was set in stone was the month, January. After some research I voted for the 4th of Jan, which was International Braille Day.

  • Client
  • Sound
    Sono Sanctus
  • Role
    Concept, design & animation

Hands 'n paper

Using Braille as a metaphor for reading, I pushing my thinking into the paper craft realm. No worries, no paper cuts were made during the process.

With every project, I like to constrain myself to what I see fit in the world I want to create. Using paper as my concept; scrolls, braille dots and hands quickly became my ingredients to cook the style I wanted to achieve.

In this Braille world, I liked to play around with the idea of reading with your hands, transforming every Braille dot to a colourful pattern sphere. As we read through the paper strolls, one guy catches the show being way to excited to be read.


Sketches —

Every good piece starts with a story, and a board. Ideally both, of course. Below my cleaned-up sketches right before vectorising.

When sketching, I prefer to draw really loose to get the idea out. After that phase, I clean up and focus more on geometric animation-friendly shapes to smooth out to steps to come.